Don’t Listen to President Obama’s Speech Tomorrow



Whoever is in charge of the nation’s laws defines the country’s values. Obama is the law and his values will be ours.

President Obama threatened Supreme Court Justice Roberts on Obamacare and he had his way. He continually ignores Congress and the tone he has set is one of no compromise. He is legislating from the White House while assuming powers for the Executive Branch that clearly belong to Congress through the overreaching use of rules and regulations.

What law does he intend to engrain into our culture?

In 2008, after winning election, Obama promised us that he would transform an America that didn’t need transforming.

He said it would be a pendulum-like moment for America and “generations would look back” and say, among other things, “this was the moment when the rise of the oceans began to slow and our planet began to heal.”

Well, the oceans aren’t slowed and the planet isn’t healing. Can’t wait for four more years of this.

  • He has made it clear that he will not stop spending and will burden our children and grandchildren with our debt. That is not ethical.
  • In his first term, President Obama ignored the economy and went about nationalizing healthcare. It is now four years later and he will continue to ignore what is quickly becoming a fiscal crisis.
  • He will ignore the growing threat of terrorism throughout the world so he can concentrate on taking away the gun rights of legal gun owners, nationalize education, deprive people of their religious freedoms, and continue the erosion of the free market. Some of these things are distractions and others are meant to transform us.
  • Obama’s campaign organization – Organizing for America – will now be privatized and used to crush any opposition. It won’t have to reveal anything about donors and will be a source of tremendous crony socialism.
  • Obama wants to secularize the United States. We are not a Christian nation he famously said. In fact, we are not a religious nation.
    • Envision a fully secularized United States where it is unlawful to mention God in school or have a cross in a public area.
    • Imagine a country in which abortion and euthanasia are protected by the Constitution.
    • Let us not forget that Fairness Doctrine which threatens to come back in some form to limit our free press and radio more than it already is.
    • Then there is Obamacare forcing doctors and nurses into perfoming abortions and churches being forced to pay for them if they provide healthcare for their employees.
    • If schools are nationalized, children will be given sex-education at an early age and the values taught might not be what parents would choose for their children.
    • We can expect more hate speech laws and PC language requirements to limit our free speech.

If you don’t think these things can happen here, consider the free speech case of Canadian Pastor Mark Harding as one example of what can happen.

Pastor Harding protested the spread of Islam in Toronto’s public schools and made a stand against their attempts to force a company into not selling Israeli products.

In 1997 he found out that a public school in Toronto had set aside a special room for Muslims to pray while no such consideration was made for other religions

He protested and was persecuted and convicted for “Islamophobic” hate speech. He even spent two days in jail.

To avoid jail, he was given two years probation and 340 hours of community service which required him to perform the service under the guidance of Mohammad Ashraf, general secretary of ISNA (Islamic Society of North America), a radical and corrupt organization. He was forced to read a treatise on Islam by the Imam and was forbidden from criticizing the Prophet.

He appealed his sentence to the Supreme Court and lost.

Canada, our neighbor to the north, has a problem with free speech. They don’t have a Second Amendment either and did suffer through gun confiscation. [The Last Canadian Standing]

How long before that comes to the United States?

Isn’t it already here? Consider the case of Nakoula Basseley Nakoula who was blamed for the attacks on our embassies in the mid-East. President Obama sent out Jay Carney to tell the world that the attacks were not aimed at us but at the video Nakoula produced insulting The Prophet.

Nakoula was sentenced to a year in jail on a minor parole violation. He was really sentenced for exercising free speech as proven by Hillary Clinton’s promise to Tyrone Woods’ father that she would see him prosecuted.

  • Anyone who disagrees with the Obama agenda will in the least be labeled with the most vile names like “racist” or “hater.” That is meant to make opposition as difficult as possible. The “dark vein” of racism actually runs through the Democratic Party. What have they done for black people? Their unemployment rate far exceeds that of whites and Hispanics.
  • Then there is the world situation which he sees through rose-colored glasses and for which he has no coherent plan.

The world is about to see what a neutered United States means for freedom in the world:

Charles Krauthammer on tomorrow’s inaugural:

Thomas Basile of Forbes said don’t watch the inaugural speech tomorrow and I agree, don’t watch it: