Don’t Make Fun of Greece

Rahm Emanuel

The Democrats really tried to persuade us to give them 4 more years during this convention. They attempted to explain it all. They, of course, blamed Bush and at the end of the week, after all the fancy rhetoric, after 4 years of Obama with two years of a Democratic majority in Congress, there they were! Out in the open for all to see!

One man

One Party rule

One political ideology

And we still have:

  1. $16 TRILLION dollar debt!
  2. 46.7 MILLION Americans on FOOD STAMPS!
  3. 49% of ALL Americans living in households receiving government benefits!
  4. 62% of ALL the federal government’s total outlays are going for ENTITLEMENTS!
  5. 50% of all households do not pay ANY income tax.
  6. President Obama is the first U.S. President in history to raise the debt over one trillion dollars in EACH of his four years.
  7. Over an 8% unemployment rate in EACH month that Obama was President.
  8. Almost 40 cents of every dollar that our government spends pays the INTEREST ON OUR DEBT ONLY! [All the money we are borrowing only pays the interest]

Let’s bring this down to a local level.

How would you like to be Chicago’s Democratic Mayor Rohm Emanuel?

  1. To provide the remedial help that many students really need, he actually lengthened the school day! WOW!
  2. To help reduce his ballooning fiscal deficit, he cancelled a previously negotiated 4% raise. What guts!
  3. He introduced merit-only raises tied solely to student achievement! Heaven forbid!

And what happened to this Democrat who had the guts to “take-on” the Teachers Union and put Chicago’s kids and the city’s mounting financial disaster first?

You got it!

For the first time in 25 years, on September 10th, the 26,000 teachers and support staff, of the nation’s third largest school system, will go out on strike!

How would you like to be Pat Quinn, the Democratic Governor of Illinois?

His state has had 5 years of budget deficits! You believe that? FIVE years! Their deficit now (you won’t believe it!) is $44 BILLION DOLLARS! A national record! They have $83 billion dollars in UNFUNDED pension liabilities.

What did this Governor do?

First, he did what ALL Democrats do. Two years ago, he RAISED the personal income tax 67% (sound like President Obama?) He also raised the corporate tax rate to 9.5 %.

When that didn’t help, when the expected increased revenue didn’t materialize (what a shock!), when businesses just moved to neighboring business-friendly states, like Republican Gov. Scott Walker’s Wisconsin or Republican Gov. John Kasich’s Ohio, Gov. Quinn, called a special session of the Illinois Legislature to tackle their monumental fiscal problems.

What happened? You guessed it.

NOTHING! They did not come up with one savings! Amazing. No reforms were agreed upon at all.

What did he get for all of his efforts? You knew it was coming!

This month, Standard & Poor’s Rating Services downgraded Illinois because of its “$83 Billion dollar pension gap,” to the second worst state behind California.

Moody’s rates Illinois LAST!

62 days till November!

“The accumulation of all powers in the same hands, is the very definition of tyranny” ~ James Madison, The Federalist, 1787