Don’t Trust Reuters


Take a look at Reuters Politics section, Front Row Washington, where you can see Reuter’s unmasked opinions with an occasional caveat that the “opinions expressed are his (columnists) own.” Though subtle, you will find largely positive Obama articles, largely negative Republican articles and the tea party lambasted with no opposing view to provide balance.

In all these articles, Reuters writers cleverly support their anti-Republican message with quotes from Republicans because Americans are so stupid (they think) that it will fly.

They had an article entitled, Bachmann and Perry – a beautiful 2012 rivalry. This article emphasized the tea party-social conservative connection.

Another article, Obama embarks on campaign-style Midwest tour, emphasized the divide in Congress and failed to blame Obama for any of the problems.

A third article, Analysis: Palin boosts political influence, buffers brand, emphasized Palin making millions, wanting to be in the public eye, and big-timing announced candidates.

The next article, Obama says political divide is hurting economy, demonizes Congress and we know which party they are referring to. This quote sums up the article well, Obama said the side show in Washington had gotten in the way of efforts (Editor’s note: Obama means his efforts – oh, if only Republicans hadn’t interfered, we’d be at 4% unemployment by now) to bring down high unemployment.

The fourth and my favorite is, The Tea Party’s “blue deal” for America, which clearly paints the tea party as anti-government. My understanding is they are anti-BIG GOVERNMENT – that’s a critical detail they leave out. The blue deal (as opposed to the “New” deal or the “Square” deal) is the writer’s belittling phrase to indicate that the inane tea party wants to inflict pain on the U.S. economy. (Editor’s note: yeah, right, that’s what the tea party wants. All that talk about saving the country from bankruptcy (by the way, we are bankrupt) is meant to inflict unnecessary pain.) The article then goes on with the usual Democratic talking points and the moral indignation over the tea party’s brash intrusion and the possible anarchy over social inequity that Republicans allegedly support. (Editor’s note: Is it social inequity causing anarchy or social entitlements?)

Reuters is supposed to be reporting, without bias, the news that comes off the wire. In fact, Reuters is sifting information and balancing left. The Associated Press is even worse – they are not even subtle – I like to call them the Associated Politburo. Reuters, however, is the paragon of a deceptive press because of their Olympic-level agility in the proper placement of innuendo.