Wisconsin Teacher Threatens From The School Phone

April 22, 2011

A Wisconsin teacher menaced a gas station owner because she saw a GOP Senator in his station earlier. Stupidly, she called from the school phone. Maybe she’s too stupid to be a teacher?

The answering machine here in the back of the store was left on from the night before and was recording the entire conversation.

Caller: “Can you verify that was Senator Leibham at the gas station this morning?”

Gas station clerk: “Senator Leibham?”

Caller: “Yes. Do you guys support him?”

Clerk: “I have nothing to say about that, I am not politically involved.”

Caller: “Alright, well you can tell Dick he’s not good for business, I’ll tell you that.”

Shocked over the 26-second conversation, Hiers quickly traced the call — only to get surprise number two.

“And it turned out to be coming from the Sheboygan area district school office,” he said.
Wi teacher threat


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