Dopey “Rock Star” Maxine Says Trump’s a “Racist” for Questioning Her IQ

President Trump was at the annual Gridiron Club Dinner on Saturday when he said that Rep. Maxine Waters “has to immediately take an IQ test.” The dinner is an opportunity to joke about one’s own administration and the opposing party.

Sunday on MSNBC’s “AM Joy,” Rep. Maxine Waters (D-CA) said President Donald Trump reportedly joking about her IQ at the Gridiron Dinner last night was “racist.”

Water said, “This president has been called stupid, he has been called ignorant, and even his Secretary of State did not deny that he called him a moron. And so he has no credibility. He has been name-calling. He’s been saying all kinds of things. And I certainly expected him to come out with some racist remarks about me. So he did exactly what I expected him to do. And, by the way, I’m told he wasn’t funny at all.”

She added, “The most important thing this country can do now is impeach this president and make sure we get rid of him and get ready for Pence in 2020.”


  1. Well Maxine 99.9% of America is racist according to you, because your IQ don’t even come close to the size of your shoes!! and there should be a mandatory IQ test for the people who keep voting you back in to office!

  2. But Representative Waters… You Did Beg the question with your own antics … you ought to be elated no one has brought the question of your sanity up.

  3. Interesting how these libs can dish it out but can’t seem to take it. They have no sense of humor. They are vile mean hateful people.

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