Dough Returns From South Korea



Dough the Obama Dog has returned from South Korea and was willing to talk briefly about his trip. He was unhappy that he was stuck in South Korea while Bo got Hawaii and Mexico. He said, “What’s that about?”

Dough was ecstatic over the Russian caviar and the Russo-Baltique Vodka served by the South Koreans in honor of the Russians. He said, “That’s a heckuva lot better than the arugula and bean sprout juice Michelle gives me.”

Dough said that while his master spent time with Medvedev, he was secretly meeting with Putin’s dog, Kay-Gee-Bee. Putin couldn’t make the trip because he was busy establishing his dictatorship but he did feel it necessary to have some kind of covert communication in case my master needs help establishing his dictatorship.

Dog-to-dog seemed like the sneakiest way possible.

Here is Dough meeting with Kay-Gee-Bee –


I asked him what was discussed during the meeting and he said that he couldn’t give details but he was stocking up on ammo and beer.

Dough shared an exclusive state photo with us –