Dough the Obama Dog to Appear on al Jazeera


Dough here. I’ve been busy with the debt ceiling debate. I heard my master say he had a lot of voices in his head, but they all have good ideas about handling the debt.

I am getting dressed for my appearance on the new cable TV show, Al Jazeera. I plan to talk about oil prices. It was Obama’s idea. You notice he didn’t send Pretty Boy Bo out? I hope I don’t get stoned. My master wants me to ask the audience about lowering oil and gas prices next August, just for a couple months.

I was thinking about telling the new Afghanistan joke I heard the other day – what do you think? Bush and Karzai are talking about the future of the country and Karzai said he envisions his country at peace, with beautiful fields all around (probably with poppies), new homes, tall buildings. Bush says, “I see the same thing but there are also signs everywhere.” Karzai says, “And what do the signs say?” Bush says, “Hell, I don’t know. I don’t speak Hebrew.”

The family took me to McDonald’s yesterday and I had a Sad Meal. It was filled with lettuce and pineapples. The only good thing is it had an O’Reilly bobblehead doll in it. Michelle still has me on that no-fat diet, but it’s okay, I just wait for her to get up from the dinner table and eat her food – love those fries.