Dr. Martin Luther King, Respect, Not Misuse


It was on this day April 4th, 43years ago that Dr. Martin Luther King died by a fatal bullet, a bullet that ended the life of a man. Not just any man, but a man that led a struggle for dignity,honor and respect for all people regardless of their skin color, heritage ,religious beliefs or any other description or vice that may be used to separate a people from one another.

Dr. King led a strong exemplary life. He fought hard and stood strong side by side,shoulder by shoulder, often leading the way for ideologies that he held strong, one in which led back to the line that “all men are created equal”, no one is to be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of not only their character but by the very fiber of their being. The struggles he faced were many, often spending much time in prison for taking part in acts of non violence which were provided for in the constitution. Contemplation he had much and looking at where we as a people are today, proud and yet disappointed is probably where he may reside. Accomplishments there are many, but yet as others have strove forward some have remained without any gain.Remember gain comes in many forms. The question is not one that can be answered here but rather one that can be asked and pondered. For I doubt the question can be answered in a sentence or two or doubt much that it can be done without dialogue.

Is it financial? Is it effort? Is it moral? Is it social? Is it cultural? Or perhaps it’s some or all of the above? Now if we are all created equal which is without a doubt as deemed by the creator then it would lead to something of a man made or created ingredient. Effort I believe is of individual desire found within oneself. Morals are found on the doorstep of one’s own conscience be it conceived of a social as well as cultural character.Finances well, they have been put there and applied and availed to all levels, maybe some more than others but through grants and loans as well as subsidies and other aids the field has been closed quite considerably, room for improvement always, but far better than years gone by.

As I close on this day of  remembrance and thought, I think of an event that I attended today. An event billed as a day of unity and justice in the honor of Dr. King and wonder…..

When one ties in the conditions of many of the struggling families many of which that are losing or lost their homes, or others that are in shelters. Even recent stories of those that live in their cars just outside of a local Walmart waiting until morning to start another day. Or families on the next level, they go to work, pay their bills some later than others.Then there is a level that go to work and keep up, followed by another group that manage to put away a little savings. These are all people, people from all walks of life doing whatever they have to do, no gripes, no complaining.They just get up in the morning and get it done. These people are the majority, their class, who cares many don’t have time for that jargon,they’re to busy hustling the next dollar. They are independent. This is a place many of us come from.

So yes when these families see groups of people chanting  “raise the tax” ” what’s wrong with paying a few more dollars” “Raise the tax it’s for the kids” “workers rights” “collective bargaining” We Are One” and they look around….I don’t know but they may ask ,

Is this what Dr. King had in mind?


By Alex Hanson