Dr. Shakil Afridi In Danger Inside & Outside of Prison


Leon Panetta said that the differences over the handling of Dr. Shakil Afridi has put a new strain on U.S. relations with Pakistan.

“It is so difficult to understand, and it’s so disturbing that they would sentence this doctor to 33 years for helping in the search for the most notorious terrorist of our times,” Panetta said.

Dr Afridi “was not working against Pakistan. He was working against al-Qaeda,” he added.

“I hope that ultimately Pakistan understands, that…what they have done here…does not help to try to re-establish a relationship between the United States and Pakistan.” (NY Daily News)

Prison officials said that Dr. Afridi is in grave danger within the prison. Most of the 3,000 prisoners at Peshwar prison have been creating turmoil since they heard that Dr. Afridi is imprisoned there.

Dr. Shakil Afridi was sentenced to 33 years in jail because he had a role in running a vaccination program for the CIA near bin Laden’s compound in Abbottabad, Pakistan. It was a ploy to collect DNA from bin Laden’s relatives and verify that he was in the compound. It failed.

At some point, U.S. blabbermouths confirmed that Dr. Afridi conducted the operation and he then disappeared for a year. He was held by a tribal council and tortured during that time.

We did nothing to get Dr. Afridi and his family out of Pakistan when we had the chance, even after we released information about his role in trying to capture the Al Qaeda terrorist.

The Taliban has issued a horrendous threat against Afridi. They told CNN today they will “cut him into pieces when we find him” for helping the U.S. kill bin Laden, their “hero.”

Jamil Afridi, his brother said that Dr. Afridi is innocent and the trial was a sham. Jamil Afridi has asked for legal support from the U.S. and asylum in the U.S. for 30 of Afridi’s family members. None of that has happened.

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