Dreamer from Criminal Family Kills Father Coming to the Aid of His Victim


Dreamer Judas Deluna, 21, has a violent father and brother. He himself just shot two people and killed one. Will Nancy Pelosi take a stand in his behalf? Just wondering.

Deluna is on the run after murdering Good Samaritan Rahman Rupani, 30, a father of two young children and husband, according to ABC 13 news.

The Dreamer got into an argument with the man in the parking lot. Mr. Rupani ran out to help him when Judas shot him to death. Rupani’s father ran out to help and he too was shot.

The article points out that he is not a typical dreamer: Espinosa emphasizes among Dreamers, Deluna is the exception, not the rule. Just last week, four dreamers were caught in a human trafficking sting.

Who cares anyway, why was he given protected status?

The defender cited the same inaccurate studies they all claim — illegal immigrants commit fewer crimes. It’s not true. They commit more. They are 142% more likely to commit crimes according ot the government’s own statistics.

His Dreamy Family Are Criminals, It’s a Gang Family

Deluna’s father, Manuel Deluna, will be deported once he gets out of jail in October. He was sentenced after a SWAT standoff in November 2016. He barricaded himself after assaulting his wife and children.

He’s a dream too.

Five years before, his other son, Eric Deluna planned an ambush on a semi full of drugs. It was part of a notorious federal sting that didn’t go well. It entailed Los Zetas, a very vicious international criminal franchise. A federal informant was killed in a shootout and a sheriff’s deputy wounded.

Eric Deluna is serving a 30-year sentence and taxpayer’s get to pay for his incarceration.

How did Judas get Dreamer status with this family?


  1. These liberal democrats are the most despicable repugnant people I know. I have no use for any of them and will never vote for another democrat, especially when I use to split my vote. The are putting our national safety in jeopardy.

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