“Dreams from My Father” Really Must Have Been a Dream

Genevieve Cook and Barack Obama. One white girlfriend in a string of white girlfriends.

Exposés about the real Obama are stemming from an examination of the information in Obama’s own autobiography, Dreams from My Father.

The information comes from a new book to be released next month. Pulitzer-Prize winning author and WaPo reporter, David Marannis, whose new book, “Barack Obama: The Story,” details the apocryphal autobiography Obama wrote when he was 12 ( I’m kidding, he was almost 30, not much better.)

Obama’s book includes imaginary characters, which Obama calls composite characters.

Barack Obama: The Story,” is swirling around how Obama described his grandfather, a central figure in “Dreams.” Obama has always portrayed him as an oppressed figure that was taken away by the British and held captive, and other family members have even said he was tortured. That, it seems, is not true. His grandfather was not only not tortured, he was never in custody. Poetic license?

Now we find that he erased his white girlfriends so he could proceed with his fictional real-life creation – Barack Obama, black champion.

How many books have to be written about Barack as a liar and a narcissist before people suspect he is a liar and a narcissist?

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