Drones Over America


“Everybody’s a target; everybody with communication is a target.” ~ NSA official speaking about the Utah Spy Center

Unfortunately, the ACLU likes to concentrate vast resources on crosses in deserts and fighting voter ID laws which actually protect our votes. There has been some attention by the ACLU, however, to domestic drones.

The ACLU has issued a statement on domestic drones and included recommendations to the government for ensuring privacy rights which can be read here.

Another civil liberties institute, The Rutherford Organization, is interested and made the video you see here.

The drones that are being unleashed on America are expensive, profitable for politicians, and collect everyone’s information as their cameras soar over the homes of citizens.

There are absolutely no privacy rights or legal restrictions being drawn up to protect us from whatever they find. They can see through your house and they can store anything they see. There will be 30,000 of these drones flying over America by 2020 with unlimited access unless we get Congress to put privacy rights in place.

Where does the 4th Amendment (and search warrants) fit in as they spy, photograph, listen in, and collect data? Nowhere! The military now needs search warrants in Afghanistan and must abide by the army field manual when they capture terrorists. That’s a whole lot more protection than we are getting in this situation.

If drones can be used to protect us, fine, but we need privacy rights.

They are already spying on us, read here. and the NSA is building the largest spy center in the world to store data collected, not only on criminals and terrorists, but on us. Check it out here.

Read John Whitehead’s commentary here.

The FAA is set to establish rules on their use domestically, read about it here.