Drones Over New York City


New York City doesn’t let privacy rights stand in the way of their use of modern technology.

New York City already has cameras installed all over the city. They also have scanners that see through your clothes. NYPD Commissioner Ray Kelly is working with the Pentagon to install Terahertz Imagining Detection scanners, high-tech radiation detectors that measure the energy that is emitted from a persons’ body up to 16 feet away and they can detect any blockages, like a gun (CBS).

What it can do is “allow the NYPD to conduct illegal searches by means of scanning anyone walking the streets of New York,” according to the report at RT.com. “Any object on your person could be privy to the eyes of the detector, and any suspicious screens can prompt police officers to search someone on suspicion of having a gun, or anything else, under their clothes.”

Ray Kelly says that the scanners will only be used in “reasonably suspicious circumstances.”[Yeah right]

They are going to be mounted on poles, vans, police cars – that sounds like they will be everywhere like the 2000 mounted cameras.

There’s more. Now they are looking at little drones to provide surveillance –

“We’re always looking at technology,” said NYPD Spokesman Paul Browne. “Drones aren’t that exotic anymore. Brookstone sells them. We’ve looked at them but haven’t tested or deployed any.”

Former NYPD officer Gary Weksler said drones make sense.

“Not only would it be a form of intelligence gathering to protect the public, it also in many respects removes the officers, who might be attempting to identify issues, from harm’s way,” Weksler said.

But some are concerned about the invasion of privacy. Last month, the American Civil Liberties Union issued a 16-page report citing the growth of the use of drones and the lack of laws protecting citizens from airborne intrusions…Read more: NYPD Drones