Dumb & Dumber Carrey




photo via netrightdaily

Jim Carrey made a nasty parody ridiculing middle America and Charlton Heston. If you haven’t heard about Jim Carrey’s attempted career resurrection, check it out here.

It is sad that Carrey has to try to make a comeback by ridiculing middle America and a deceased actor.

Here are a couple of his latest tweets:


So what does his bodyguard have? A 30-round clip, a 10-round clip? How many clips do they carry? Are they less lethal? Why are the rest of us supposed to find non-lethal means of self-defense as Carrey tweeted but he can use guns?

Sadly, Carrey thinks a million hits on a nasty parody is a comeback. I hope he’s enjoying his youtube moment because a lot of middle America won’t be interested in seeing any of his dud movies after this.