Dumb Lobbying Firm Memo



Roto-Reuters reported on a memo that never should have been drawn up and sent out. A lobbying firm in DC, CLGC,  proposed an $850,000 plan to take on OWS and politicians who support the OWS. This was first reported by MSLSD’s Chris Hayes.

The financial institutions should conduct an operation like this, because the OWS, funded by Soros, are out to get them. I like the proposal. I like the whole good for the goose thing about it. CLGC’s memo here

People on the left are using this ill-fated memo to prove the banks are tied to Republicans, which would ignore all the contributions the President received from the big banks and it would ignore all the bailouts the President awarded to them as well. It also ignores the fact that lobbying firms would draw up any proposal for any political party to make money because that’s what they do.

It is important to note that financial institutions did not take the lobbying firm up on their offer.