Dumbest Political Quote of the Week by a Democrat

Hank Johnson giving his hoodie speech.
Hank Johnson giving his hoodie speech.

Rep. Hank Johnson who, believe it or not, has a law degree, is not known for his economic acumen but weighs in just the same. He said this week that the government has practiced the free market system for over forty years and “it doesn’t work.”

The “free market way of thinking doesn’t work.”

Johnson made the comments while speaking on the House floor Thursday against the Sunshine For Regulatory Decrees and Settlements Act.

Johnson never met a big government, Marxist approach he didn’t love or a limited government bill he didn’t hate.

The bill aims at making the government give public notice when entering into legal negotiations that may result in new regulations.


In March 2012, not long after a “white Hispanic” neighborhood-watch captain named George Zimmerman had shot and killed a black teenager named Trayvon Martin in an altercation that mushroomed into a natonal media obsession, Johnson claimed that Martin had been “executed for WWB in a GC—Walking While Black in a Gated Community.”

He sees racism everywhere.

When Guam was in danger of tipping over, Hank was right there.

His incisive, critical observations of threats no one else in the world notices is unparalleled. Check out the best of Hank Johnson, including his use of the “m” word and a world without balloons.

A close second in the weekly contest was Rep. Jackie Speier who thinks the baby chop shop Planned Parenthood is about protecting life.

“Why is it they want to take away the very services that actually protect life?” Speier asked. “Planned Parenthood protects life.”

If the dead babies could speak, they would disagree. People who are forced to contribute their tax money to this private organization that makes most of its money from abortions might also disagree.


  1. This is the dumbest person in congress,and believe me that is really saying something. Georgia you should be embarrassed that you vote this clown into office.

  2. The primary concern is the people who vote these idiots into office each election cycle. They have friends and family members they probably influence to vote the same way.

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