Dump The MTA Tax


Lee Zeldin, State Senator

“Since 2009, I have been leading the fight to repeal the MTA Payroll Tax. In Suffolk County alone, the Payroll Tax has cost Suffolk County Taxpayers more than $163,636,074 since its inception.” Lee Zeldin, State Senator. Join the fight here: Dump the MTA Tax

Bill Schoolman, CEO of Hampton Luxury Liners, has been in the fight from the beginning. He is currently involved in a costly lawsuit to overturn this illegal law. The MTA recently asked Judge Spinner that the tax be moved to Albany and Judge Spinner has complied. Upstate does not pay the MTA tax and, in fact, that area has an interest in keeping the tax on Long Island. An appeal is under way.

Bill Schoolman’s group, Tax Relief Now, hopes to consolidate the lawsuits by various towns against the tax. Karen Pope, lobbying for Bill Schoolman, stated that “…there are several municipalities and districts who have concurrently filed suit against the MTA with regard to this onerous tax. While we appreciate their sentiments, splintering the effort creates significant hurdles for our legal team. Each time a court renders a decision, it adversely affects the overall goal of getting rid of the MTA Payroll Tax by setting obstacles and precedence in the way. Tax Relief Now is requesting that each of the other law suits be dropped and that they join with us to consolidate into one cohesive effort. Surely these municipalities have better places to spend their time and the taxpayer’s money, rather than in duplicate litigation. When Tax Relief Now wins, everyone in the lower 12 counties who pays the tax will win.”

A fundraiser for this cause will also honor Assemblyman Michael Fitzpatrick for his work on tax relief. It will take place on Saturday, the 25th of June, 2011, 11:00am to 2:00pm at the Elks Lodge 2036, 120 Edgewood Avenue, Smithtown, New York, Full hot/cold luncheon buffet
Tickets can be obtained from: Karen Pope via email at kpope@NYSTaxReliefNow.org or at 631-921-2715, Please RSVP no later than Friday, June 17th.

Check out the video for details about the issue: –

More information here: – MTA PAYROLL TAX, A TAX ON EVERYONE