Look Closely at Dzhorkhar Tsarnaev Before Denying Evil



Photo of Dzhorkhar Tsarnaev, does evil exist?

Dzhorkhar Tsarnaev’s mother spoke with her son yesterday from his hospital bed. She raged about the fact that he is locked up “like a dog, like an animal.” The miserable little monster, Dzhorkhar, told her not to worry and  said “It’s in God’s hands.”

That is true and he might be surprised by what God decides.

Dzhorkhar’s mother keeps referring to him as a child. Nineteen is hardly a child. Would you have done this when you were 19? I suppose she would like him free to kill and maim once more.

Dzhorkhar’s lawyers are letting the media know that it was the deceased elder brother Tamerlan who was the problem. We all know how evil and influential older brothers can be and Dzhorkhar is just a child after all. At least that is what his lawyers and their minions would have us believe as they leak all this to the press.

Dzhorkhar’s sister is currently in jail facing drug charges with her boyfriend. I suppose that is Tamerlan’s fault as well.

The media has been fully on board with minimizing Dzhorkhar’s guilt because they don’t believe in evil. Everyone is just young or mentally ill and they are never evil or at least rarely. It makes them feel better to believe that. They think it makes them better people.

When the Boston Massacre occurred, three NY Times writers went on a defense spree, blaming the bombings, not on Tamerlan or Dzhorkhar, but on the US that wouldn’t let non-citizen Tamerlan compete in a boxing event as a citizen.

The media continually paints a rosy picture of the situation the victims now find themselves in. While it is wonderful to know that the victims are courageous people who are fighting through their pain and injuries, it is not as wonderful to know that the media is pushing their misery aside.

Read about victim Nicole Gross here. Read about Sydney Corcoran and her mother here. Really look at Jeff Bauman. What about all the other victims? Does the media care? They seem more concerned with Zubeidat Tsarnaev, the certifiable mother of the bombers, and the predicament of the “kid,” Dzhorkhar.

I don’t know about you but I have had enough of the outpouring of sympathy and excuses for evil doers. I’m done with it.