Dzhorkhar Tsarnaev Is Not the Victim


photo Boston bombing photo of Boston bombing. Bystanders are ministering aid to a victim. The leg of a small child is all that can be seen of the victim in this photo

The Boston bombers are at times being painted with a sympathetic brush, not by their lawyers, but by the media.

The media is also busy brushing away the suffering of the victims. The victims are all doing well, they tell us, they are just glad to be alive, they’re strong and they’re determined. HuffPo, never a journal to miss a political opportunity, is glad the victims have Romneycare.

When Tamerlan’s body was taken away from the morgue in a hearse, a crowd gathered and booed him. The media actually criticized the chanters.

The media is interested in playing out President Obama’s narrative that al Qaeda is defeated and the war on terror is over. They also love to find the good in cold-blooded sociopaths.

There is just one problem. They can’t hide from reality forever.

The victims of the Boston bombing are not okay. Everything is not fine. The ones who died left tormented loved ones behind. Many of the victims who survived have lost two limbs, others lost one. One child is still in the hospital. Many are maimed and all they did was go to a marathon with friends and family on Patriot’s day.

Imagine yourself suddenly having no legs and then tell me Dzhorkhar, the “kid,” deserves one ounce of our sympathy. Tell me why I should care that Tamerlan’s dreams of a boxing career were squashed because he wasn’t a citizen, as the NY Times was kind enough to inform us.

Two hundred people were injured in the attack. All of them and their families have to deal with the emotional turmoil that must be caused by this horrific terrorist attack.

Look at the graphic photos of the Boston victims at this site, and tell me there is no war on terror and that the terrorists are in any way worthy of our mercy. Before you look, be warned that the photos are very graphic and heartbreaking.

This isn’t the first attack on US soil that our administration has ignored. He ignored the murder of a young Army recruiter by an Islamic terrorist in Arkansas. He ignored the suffering of the Ft. Hood victims by a jihadist. He called it a workplace incident and refuses to honor them with a purple heart.

Here is President Obama giving a shout out before addressing the Ft. Hood Massacre. It really instills confidence.

He continues to cover up the 9/11/12 attack on the consulate in Benghazi.

Remember when President Obama said we could sustain another attack like 9/11? He is wrong, we cannot. We cannot sustain one more attack.

This jihad by radical Islamist terrorists has only just begun and we have leaders who worry about whether or not we are using the word “Islamist” in a less than flattering way.