E-ZPass Is Watching You


Did you know that EZ-Pass does more than get you through a toll booth? You need to know that it tracks you wherever you go so they can watch traffic patterns – for now – they claim. They never bothered to tell anyone or ask anyone’s permission to do it.

E-ZPass has a transponder that tracks each car.

We already reported that E-ZPass has been used in divorce cases and criminal trials so don’t take what I am about to tell you too lightly. In fact, read the previous story here.

Forbes posted this story and videos to prove it were posted on the Internet.

‘Puking Monkey’ is a New Jersey man who decided to find out how much vehicle loss of privacy there is on American roads.

He discovered that his car was being tracked far away from any toll booths – thanks to his E-ZPass.

He hacked his RFID-enabled E-Z Pass to set off a light and a ‘moo-cow’ every time it was read. He drove around New York and was moo-cowed multiple time on a short drive in mid-town Manhattan and on his way out through the Lincoln Tunnel, nowhere near a toll booth.

The tracking is part of ‘Midtown in Motion,’ a project which feeds information from many sensors into New York’s traffic management center.

Apparently these sensors are on streets throughout the boroughs and have been for years. The Department of Transportation (DoT) wouldn’t give out specifics.

Nowhere on my E-ZPass does it say I will be tracked – NOWHERE! For now, the ID’s are supposedly scrambled and kept anonymous.

The claim is that the information is not stored, however E-ZPass data has been used in court cased in some states.

Keep your E-ZPass in its little silver bag until you need it.

‘Puking Monkey’ says if NYDoT can track, so can other states.

The video Puking Monkey made is funny but the moo-cow sounds more like an angry parrot.

Making matters worse, there is a new patent that will equip transponders – like those used in E-Z Pass – with mini-cameras. The government could mandate these in-car transponders for every new car.

Don’t worry about the cameras. Just get yourself a burqa.