Eastern Long Island Is A Mess & They Are the Lucky Ones


photos courtesy Rosalie Hanson

Our politicians were not at all prepared for this storm. There is no drinking water in the hardest hit areas of the city.

Every gas station on Long Island that has gas also has incredibly long lines. They need police at each station to control the lines and the anger of some motorists. I sat in one line for almost two hours and suddenly police showed up and the line was shut down. I found out that some loon shot a gun in the air and it became a crime scene for two days.

This whole situation was unnecessary and it is a disgrace.

I haven’t had power for 8 days and I don’t know if I will have any soon. The crew that showed up was from North Dakota. They powered up half the development and then left. I don’t blame them though. I am grateful that they came in from North Dakota. What I am concerned about is our infrastructure. I thought Obama was going to work on that.

Many Marinas on Eastern Long Island are so damaged they will never reopen. My BIL’s Marina is destroyed. FEMA clipboard people assigned him a number.

I won’t be the one to tell him that FEMA still owes LIPA $10 million from Hurricane Irene which was over a year ago. I have little hope that he will receive any help from them anytime soon. In fact, they are so helpful that they said they will send the EPA back to do soil samples.

We have a Nor’easter with 70mph winds heading our way. That should go well.

The politicians are blaming the utility companies because utility companies are easy marks. The fact is that it is the fault of our local and state politicians for not preparing. If Katrina was Bush’s fault, then Hurricane Sandy is Obama’s fault. Obama went to NJ for his photo-op and then went back on the campaign trail. He’s voting present. He’s giving New York City and Long Island the Benghazi treatment. The media is covering for him.

A blogger on my site said that I’m nuts and all is well on Long Island so I assume he owns his own gas station.

People in the city are suffering far worse than people out east. They still don’t have drinking water. Why isn’t FEMA flying in water? Every airport is open. The Port of NY is open. They could at least bring in water.

People have died and while they were still uncovering dead bodies, Mayor Bloomberg was planning a marathon. Do you think there is a disconnect here? Bloomberg had to call off the marathon but do you know that the generators are still sitting in Central Park unused and those generators could power some 400 homes?

Bloomberg, Cuomo, Bishop, Bellone, Obama were all unprepared and incapable of getting FEMA to work. Obama is just a campaigner. He is not and has never been the Commander-in-Chief. I am sick and tired of him getting a pass from the media. He needs to be held accountable for Benghazi, for the Hurricane Sandy aftermath, and for the economy. It has been 4 years!!!

I am posting this while I watch a gas line move along. People periodically blast horns and cut people off and that is in front of the police.

While people are suffering, Obama is playing basketball and worrying about whether he will get 4 more years to continue ruining the economy.