Obamacare Penalizes Sinners Who Smoke or Overeat



Sardonic photo of Smoker’s jail


The practice of pricing premiums based on how healthy a person is ends with Obamacare but the practice of the government deciding what you can or cannot do has only just begun.

Beginning in January, rates will be set by government-run health-insurance marketplaces, or online exchanges, which are meant to spread the added costs of insuring higher-risk policyholders—such as those with past illnesses or pre-existing medical conditions.

Unfortunately, rates will be higher, much higher, for some depending on whether or not the government believes you are living a healthy lifestyle.

Big Government likes to control peoples’ lives based on what it believes is best. Right now, it’s unacceptable to be overweight or smoke.

People who are overweight or who smoke will either be forced into government programs or they will pay more. They might not even be able to purchase individual plans.

The government is doing this by mandating the recording and storage of this data about each individual and then allowing companies to penalize based on these “sinful” behaviors. The government gets to decide which behavior is a “sin.”

The government will add to the list of taboos in the future undoubtedly. Will eating sugar, salt, and 20 ounce drinks end up on the list? What about drinking alcohol? Will financial rewards be given with our own tax money if we eat salads daily? Right now, it’s the obese and the smokers, but you will be next.

New Obamacare rules force every American to submit to government obesity measurements by 2014.

The obesity regulation states that every American’s health record must calculate body mass index (BMI). Obamacare requires that these records then be made available on a national exchange (don’t worry about privacy –  you can trust them to keep that confidential – the IRS is on it).

The records will track each person’s BMI score which determines if a person is obese or not.

The mandate requires doctors and hospitals to make “meaningful use” of the electronic health records (EHR’s) to qualify for federal subsidies.

Every American will be tracked and their personal health information will be collected, stored and used “meaningfully” by health insurers as well as doctors and hospitals.

Obamacare regulations allow for insurers to charge 50% more for smokers and the overweight unless they participate in a wellness program. Employers will also be allowed to reward individuals meeting specified health care goals. That is one way health records will be used “meaningfully.”

Ironically, Obamacare won’t cover bariatric surgery in many states for patients on Medicare or even for the majority of employees working for large employers.

Bariatric surgery costs about $42,000 and some states don’t cover it. Obamacare was supposed to even-out these demographic variations. Instead HHS decided to match benefits to the most popular small group plan sold in each state thereby reflecting local forces.

More than two dozen states will not cover obesity treatments such as intensive weight loss counseling, drugs, and surgery.

Special interest groups wrote and continue to write Obamacare rules and none of them have our interests at heart. They have their own special interests at heart.