Ebola Nurse Kaci Hickox Can’t Get Pizza At The Moose Shack – Update


Update: 11/2/14: Daily Caller and WAGMTV are reporting that Kaci Hickox, the spoiled brat who won’t honor the quarantine in Maine, had a roommate in Africa who now has Ebola. 

Sheila Pinette of the Maine CDC has released information that the roommate of Kaci Hickox, while in West Africa has displayed signs of ebola. Pinette says “The respondents roommate in Africa became infected without knowing how she became infected with Ebola. (Any potential risk to respondent from that incident has passed).” This is one of 35 points the Maine AG made while filing a verified petition for public health order yesterday with the state of Maine.  


Original Story: What’s good for the military is not good for the Ebola nurse, Kaci Hickox. She has refused quarantine and biked around Thursday with her partner, daring anyone to stop her. She was followed by reporters and a police car.

The Maine governor, Paul LePage, said quarantine talks with her failed. She has been ordered her to stay 3 feet away from others.

Nurse Kaci Hickox must follow U.S. Ebola quarantine guidelines under a 24-hour court order granted to state health officials by a Maine judge, the Associated Press reported.

The order allows Hickox to go on jogs or bike rides but not be in public places or within three feet of other people, the AP said.

Hickox really can’t be quarantined because she needs a slice of amazing pizza. No one should be expected to suffer such depravation.

“I’d love to be able to go to the Moose Shack in Fort Kent and get an amazing slice of pizza and not be worried about what people are thinking or if I am going to get arrested by state troopers if I walk out of my property,” she said.

Meanwhile, Italy doesn’t want our quarantined military at their base near Venice.

Hickox has made this into a political event. She is a Progressive who works for the CDC and her lawyer has been a White House visitor.

News Nigeria reported that the president of the region’s assembly, Luca Zaia, said “They shouldn’t have been sent here, they should do their quarantine for Ebola at home. It would have been more respectful” of the United States to have “thought about the risks posed to local citizens”.

Can you blame them?

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