Ebola Virus Can Live on for Six Days


The CDC director admitted the Ebola virus can live for six days outside the infected person’s body but he tried to evade the question. What is also becoming apparent is the CDC was unprepared.

They will not limit travel from West Africa.

At least one doctor thinks the CDC is asleep at the wheel but the CDC is far less concerned.


The CDC director, Dr. Tom Friedan agreed with one startling fact – reluctantly – the Ebola virus can live on objects for up to six days if conditions are right.


Why can’t people just say yes or no? Why does everything have to be obfuscated?

CNN was outside the Duncan apartment yesterday with cameras. The soiled sheets, blankets and towels Duncan used were still in the apartments this morning.

One of the Duncan relatives, his significant other, perhaps his wife, said that they were given no instructions by CDC.

She said she’s tired of being cooped up.

The family sent the exposed children to school for the first two days and they left their apartment in the beginning despite being told not to.

Police were sent in without hazmat suits to clean up. They are now on leave.

A man was seen power washing the Duncan vomit without a mask.

Is President Obama’s CDC asleep at the wheel?

The CDC won’t recommend limiting travel from West Africa because they can’t get to zero protection that way. Therefore, they will do nothing about limiting travel.

People who think they are exposed will undoubtedly come here for the expert medical care.

The New York City Health Commissioner, Dr. Mary Bassett, said that they were prepared for the Ebola virus. Don’t feel too reassured because she also said, the likelihood of it coming here was a “probable” but “unlikely”. I imagine she meant possible.

West Africa wants him sent back so they can prosecute him for lying. Want to bet we’ll give him asylum?

The Secret Service director wanted the Service to be more like Disney World, friendlier and more inviting. We see the same philosophy at work here.

It’s not about protecting the American people. It’s about politics.

It’s not just Fox saying the Ebolavirus can last six days on a surface, CNN is saying it, the government, and others are saying it.


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