Economic Chaos Under Obama – O’Reilly’s Take


The madness stops now, says Bill O’Reilly, as he blasts Obama for poor leadership during the O’Reilly talking points on August 3rd.

To paraphrase, O’Reilly states – the President sets forth a finance commission and ignores it, he puts forth a budget and it’s defeated 97 to 1 in the Senate, would you have confidence in a guy like that?

O’Reilly talks about Obama’s social justice agenda and the blowing up of the economy. Beginning January 1, 2013, insurance companies will be forced to pay for free women’s healthcare with no co-pays and no deductibles. It will include free birth control and abortion pills. The high costs to companies and employees will translate into less jobs and lower salaries.

President Obama is intent on taking profits away from companies. Are we a capitalist country or are we not?

Under Mr. Obama, the annual cost of regulating the private sector is now $2 trillion a year, which is TWICE as much as the IRS receives in taxes.