Economic Terrorism by Obama’s NLRB – The Fate of Boeing & Delta


Let us not forget the NLRB attacks on Boeing and Delta.

The NLRB is trying to stop a U.S. company, Boeing, from building a plant where it wants, which happens to be in a right-to-work state. Boeing claims the NLRB is lying to get it done.

Michael Luttig is a former federal judge and was on Bush’s short list for nomination to SCOTUS. He recently sent a letter to the Socialist-controlled National Labor Relations Board accusing their general counsel, Lafe Solomon, of lying and misquoting decisions by Boeing and statements by the company’s top executives. Luttig is a highly respected judge and cannot be easily dismissed.

“A number of these statements, which are critical to your case against Boeing, fundamentally misquote or mischaracterize statements by Boeing executives and actions taken by the Company,” Michael Luttig wrote in the letter, which was first reported in May by the Washington Examiner.“You have a responsibility to correct these misquotations and mischaracterizations, for the public record and also for purposes of the complaint you have filed. Through these misquotations and mischaracterizations, you have done a grave disservice to The Boeing Company, its executives and shareholders, and to the 160,000 Boeing employees worldwide. And, of course, you have filed a complaint based upon these misstatements that cannot be credibly maintained under law.”

Luttig continued: First, Boeing did not, as alleged by NLRB, “transfer” any existing work being done by unionized employees in Washington state to the new plant in South Carolina. Second, the board complaint misquoted Boeing Commercial Airplanes CEO Jim Albaugh as saying the prospect of “future strikes” was a prime reason for the move to South Carolina. Third, the NLRB cannot quote any Boeing executive saying the South Carolina decision intended to “punish” the company’s unionized employees because none made such a statement, according to Luttig. Read more: Washington Examiner

Don’t forget the NMB forced unionization at Delta. The CEO discusses that issue and the Boeing issue in this video