Ed Klein Confirms Comey Says No Evidence Russians Influenced Election for Trump


Ed Klein is confirming our earlier story taken from a Newsmax report that the FBI Director Jim Comey assured Donald Trump in a call he made that there is no evidence the Russians tried to influence the election and the only one saying that is Obama drone John Brennan. Comey said that Brennan has politicized the agency.

The hacking story was simply an effort to politicize the election.

He is not saying there is hacking [everyone hacks everyone].

Why would Putin prefer a tough guy like Trump over the passive Hillary?

This information from sources is as good as the info from WaPo, the NY Times and Barack Obama.


KLEIN: James Comey, the director of the FBI called Donald Trump said there is no credible evidence that Vladimir Putin or any other Russian intended to throw the election to Donald Trump. The only person saying that is John Brennan at the CIA.

The Intel community, they all look at the same stuff and they have got analysts who interpret it different ways. Does you don’t know Brennan — does John Brennan who runs the CIA, is there any suggestion that this is a political hit job?

Well, you know the interesting thing is what James Comey believes and what he told the president-elect that he believes that John Brennan has politicized the CIA the same way that Eric Holder politicized the Justice Department.

HOST: Which is unbelievable. The big question is how do you know that? You know that James Comey called Donald Trump.

KLEIN: That I know. I know that from very good sources that they had this conversation not once but several conversations.

We know the national intelligence director said we don’t know the Russians hack. And yesterday, they were saying it goes all the way up to Vladimir Putin. Huge difference.

There’s a huge difference between the CIA and FBI whose job by the way is counterespionage in this, countercyber attacks. That’s what the FBI does. Over whether there was any intention, and Comey doesn’t believe that there was any intention. Now, he’s not saying there wasn’t hacking. Because there has been hacking but he doesn’t believe for a second that why he said to the president-elect would Vladimir Putin prefer Donald Trump who is going to build up our Navy, build up our army, is a tough guy, why would you prefer him over Hillary Clinton, who is just going to continue this passive Obama foreign policy? It doesn’t make my sense.

HOST: What happens to John Brennan when president-elect Donald Trump does get into office? Because his voters don’t like this guy.

KLEIN: That’s right. I don’t think John Brennan will survive Donald Trump.

Our original story:

Bombshell…Comey, Clapper Say There’s No Evidence Russia Hacked or Influenced US Election


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    A couple of points people haven’t brought up regarding the alleged Russian ‘hacking.’

    On the ‘Factor,’ O’Reilly played a secretly taped clip of a college prof complaining about the election. It showed a certifiably silly woman in complete despair, saying Trump was KKK, a Nazi, a Commy, the anti-Christ, & had crappy hair. She said Pence was the most anti-gay person in human history, altho his hair was way better. MrT’s win was an ‘act of terrorism,’ & there’s nothing left to live for anymore, but she’d TRY to give the snowflakes ‘tips for coping’ with this unimaginable horror. When the clip ended, O’Reilly turned to Geraldo Rivera for reaction, & the 1st thing out of the genius’s face-hole caused me to explode with an OMG! so loud the neighbors came knocking on my door to see if I was all right:

    “Well Bill, it needs to be pointed out that, under California law, it’s illegal to video-tape someone without their consent…”

    WHAT? A Human Sexuality professor terrorizes her kids by losing the last remaining marbles in her noggin, saying Trump is the end of the world, & GR inexplicably picks up on the criminality of taping somebody w/o permission? What normal person would’ve responded that way? Seriously? Pretend not to grasp the more substantive point by a factor of like, 100?

    Perfect analogy re the ‘Russian hacking’. Don’t misunderstand, there’s no love lost here on Putin; he IS a commy, & his hair IS crappy. I don’t want foreigners meddling in our elections, but there are some important points no one is mentioning:

    1) The recent cyber-attacks occurred on O’s watch. Are Dems unable to protect our nation’s secrets? Are we so stupid that foreign Gov’s or street punks like Guccifer can just dial-up our top-secret stuff at will? If Big O & HC want to bitch about hacking (‘benefiting’ MrT), perhaps THEY should’ve invested more in securing US from the cyber-creeps of the world. THEY were the ones in power. Maybe Hill should’ve listened when they told her not to set up that unsecure home server. Instead of shielding her naughtiness from future FOIA requests, she was unwittingly typing every word onto computers all over the world. The shameless complaining now about being hacked is beyond belief.

    2) The allegations are not that Rus meddled on Election Day, the accusation is that they hacked Dems & provided the juicy details for all to see. The TRUE juicy details. The exposed players don’t deny their authenticity! So Dems are awkwardly arguing that it’s UNFAIR the voters got to know TOO MUCH about HC! They learned she’s a liar, a cheat, a lawbreaker, & has terrible judgement (many of us already knew, but perhaps fence-riders didn’t). She’s squirts croc tears now bc of how unfair SHE’S been treated bc, you know, it’s all about HER. How ’bout this idea Hil, IT’S ABOUT AMERICA, NOT ABOUT YOU!

    Blaming others is absurd, bc if HC hadn’t been so corrupt, Rus, China, Comey, Wiklks, Guccifer, Gucc 2.0, Anonymous, Brietbart, Veritas, your & Bill’s victims, & others wouldn’t have so much of her damaging dirt to expose! It takes the convoluted mind of a liberal to see themselves always as the faultless victim.

    BO & HC hypocrisy re Rus meddling considering THEIR meddling in other country’s BeesWax:
    ~Sen Clinton wanted to ‘rig’ Palestinian elections
    ~2011, HC interfered in Rus elects, encouraging ‘regime change.’
    ~2015, O spent $350k US taxpayer money trying to defeat Netanyahu
    ~2016, O threatened Brits with his ‘back of the queue’ threat re Brexit
    ~2016, HC chimed in re Brexit, warning Brits to vote ‘Remain’

    Results of their meddling suggests that if you want a certain outcome, get these 2 ass-hats to advocate the opposite position — your chances improve greatly. If the Ruskies ARE responsible for the hax, at least the info disseminated was all true, they didn’t spend $350K of their ppl’s money, & they didn’t send operatives over here, you know, like BO & HC

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