Egads! Man Arrested for Overdue Library Book!


Jory Enck

Mugshot of Jory Enck, arrested when he failed to return a study guide to the local library

Update: Jedidiah Noble told me I am wrong. Mr. Enck should have returned the materials and he needed to learn a lesson. If you want to borrow a book in Texas, you had better return it.

Copperas Cover, Texas – TEXAS of all states – has an ordinance that requires the arrest of anyone who fails to return library materials. One man, Jory Enck age 19, was put behind bars recently because he didn’t return a study guide three years ago. He was released on a $200 bond. His ‘crime’ is especially ‘serious’ since he didn’t respond to requests to return the material he took out when he was 16.

People are inconvenienced when others don’t return materials so their idea of an equivalent punishment is to throw the offender in jail.

A warrant was issued for his arrest when he didn’t respond and he was picked up on the outstanding warrant!

Library patrons are torn over the issue. What are they torn about? It’s ridiculous. Replace the materials and take away his library card for five years.

The book with Mr. Enck’s library card were returned the day after his arrest.

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