Egyptian Extremists Continue Attacks Against Coptic Christians – I Thought They Were All Moderates


I keep reading in the lamestream media that there are only a few extremists causing all the violence against Coptic Christians yet when the violence occurs, there are mobs of them and the so-called police and firefighters provide little or no aid to the Christians. The extremists are NOT few in number and that is the truth!

The Coptic Church was founded by St. Mark the Apostle in the 1st century. They are considered infidels by Salafis. The violence, according to AsiaNews, continued on January 19th as Salafi mobs, those really nice people, attacked the Coptic community in the village of Kebly-Rahmaniya, Upper Egypt. They shouted “Allahu Akbar” as they attacked and burned down homes, huts, shops, and businesses, wounding a 16 year old boy and a 40 year old man.

This is the video of the burning village –

Witnesses reported that Egyptian security forces did NOT intervene promptly to repel the onslaught and defend the Christians, nor did the firefighters.

One hut was burned to make room for another Mosque even though Christians are 50% of the population and there is only one Christian church and 300 Mosques.

The Copts said this latest violence is to prevent them from voting. The Copts vote with the Muslim moderate wing which is opposed to the Islamists.

In another incident on the same day, the Brotherhood and the Salafis broke into the church of Abu Makka in Bahteem, Qaliubia, telling the congregation that Christian worship is illegal. One of these so-called moderates said, the church “is perfect for building a mosque and a hospital.”

The local bishop who was to inaugurate the church and celebrate the first Mass, suspended all ceremonies for security reasons. The congregation was angry and disappointed with the decision.