Egyptian Female Anchor Wears Hijab on TV for First Time as Ban Is Lifted


For the first time, a female Egyptian news presenter appeared on Egyptian TV wearing a veil. President Morsi lifted the ban on wearing the veil and it is being hailed as a victory for religious freedom.

Is it?

How much freedom does a woman in Egypt have these days? Can she appear without it and not suffer abuse or even be given a job?

Supposedly, wearing the veil does not mean that women are swearing allegiance to the Muslim Brotherhood.  It “represents female empowerment, culture, and fashion: all elements making up an identity.” Someone needs to explain to me how this subservient custom can possibly be a symbol of empowerment.

The women in the USA think there is a war on them and they have no problem with this. You won’t hear any concerns from NOW about the treatment of women in the Middle East. It remains to be seen how they will be treated under Morsi but I’d say it’s not looking good. Morsi is a theocrat.

This is an administration which has just taken over the media and eliminated the free press so am I to believe they are into free-anything when it comes to rights?  Why doesn’t Morsi lift the ban he is placing on free speech?

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