Egyptian Military Writes the Constitution & Declares Martial Law

Will Egypt Rise From the Ruins?

People all over the world are the same. Not much separates us. We can learn a lot from the current developments in Egypt.

The Egyptian military just declared martial law and wrote an interim constitution in the middle of an election between two presidential choices that some feel are undesirable. The choices appear to be Islamic rule or military rule.

Many of the people seem to not be deterred by that however as they came out to vote for the military’s choice – Ahmed Shafiq.

One young man being interviewed today was asked who he voted for and he said he voted for Shafiq. As he said, he was voting for “bad or the worst.” When asked how he felt, he said, “guilty.”

The choices are dismal or really dismal. The young rebels who sought democracy have been shouted down. The Muslim Brotherhood is alarming to many Egyptians and a significant number of them voted for the Mubarek replacement.

The Australian reported that the generals have now made themselves the country’s legislators, gave themselves control over the budget and will determine who writes the permanent constitution that will define the country’s future.

Martial law is in effect.

Reportedly, the Brotherhood districts came out to vote in full force while the secular areas had a low turnout, exposing the disaffection of some in the voting populace. If the Brotherhood’s Mohammed Morsi wins over the military’s Ahmad Shafiq, there will be a showdown. There will be a showdown in any case.

So far the Brotherhood has a 55% lead to Shafiq’s 45% according to the Brotherhood.

As the young man being interviewed said, it’s a choice between “bad and worst.”

How do you celebrate this? The military dissolved the Parliament, declared military rule, and wrote an interim constitution. Military rule guarantees their right to do pretty much anything they want and arrest anyone they want for whatever reason they want.

The interim constitution ensures the military’s right to paralyze the presidency as if dissolving the Parliament wasn’t enough.

As one Egyptian said –

“It’s a farce. I crossed out the names of the two candidates on my ballot paper and wrote ‘the revolution continues’,” said architect Ahmed Saad el-Deen in Cairo’s Sayedah Zeinab district.

“I can’t vote for the one who killed my brother or the second one who danced on his dead body,” he said, alluding to Shafiq’s alleged role in the killing of protesters during last year’s uprising and claims by revolutionaries that Morsi’s Brotherhood rode the uprising to realise its own political goals.

One Egyptian woman said the rhetoric leading up to the election was unnecessary and caused more problems for the country. Is that the case? Hard to say.

The next video is the man on the street interview –

Americans take the right to vote for granted. We should look at the Egyptians and get our act together. Vote this November!