Egyptian President Morsi Installs Radicals in Highest Levels of Government


As the United States prepares to give as much as $6 billion in aid to Islamic Egypt, Mohammed Morsi and his Muslim Brotherhood are installing Islamists and ultraconservatives in the top human rights body, governorships, and the media council.

A couple positions were given to the military.

  • If Morsi is putting ultraconservatives in the highest levels of the human rights body, what does that say? Sharia’h law can consume peoples’ rights until they have none.
  • The governorships are the power base of the government.
  • Morsi’s control over the media allows him to control messages that travel abroad. If a constitution is drawn up, I predict that it will not include a first amendment.

via HuffPo

CAIRO — Egypt’s Islamist leadership took a new move Tuesday to put its stamp on the country’s government, appointing members of the fundamentalist Muslim Brotherhood as provincial governors and installing ultraconservatives and other Islamists in the state’s top human rights body and a powerful media council.

The shake-up was the latest step by President Mohammed Morsi and his Muslim Brotherhood to reshape state institutions that were long the monopoly of ousted autocrat Hosni Mubarak, his ruling party and the military that backed him.

Supporters have praised the moves as part of a drive to cleanse the system of Mubarak loyalists after Morsi was inaugurated in late June as the country’s first freely elected president. But the heavy infusion of Islamists into government institutions has raised fears of Brotherhood domination monopolizing power as much as Mubarak did and moving Egypt into a more religious rule.

The governorships of Egypt’s 27 provinces have long been prime posts for solidifying the president’s power. The governors are appointed by the president and generally implement his policies. Under Mubarak, the positions went to retired military generals or ruling party loyalists.

On Tuesday, Morsi’s office announced 10 new governors…