Egyptians in Torment & OWS Tormenting

Egypt, One Day Ago

Egyptian military, reasserting their influence, are using CR gas on the protesters.

Wikipedia notes that CR gas, a potentially lethal form of tear gas, has effects that are “are approximately 6 to 10 times more powerful than those of CS gas.” CR causes intense skin pain and irritation, and can lead to blindness and death by asphyxiation.

CR gas was widely used by South African police during the height of Apartheid in the 1980s and its use was widely condemned by international bodies. Read more here: Egyptian nerve gas being used on protesters.

According to IRIN on the 22nd-: “Demonstrations in Cairo’s Tahrir square against Egypt’s interim military rulers have reportedly left at least 33 people dead and more than 1,500 injured since they began on 19 November.

The protesters accuse the Supreme Council of Military Forces (SCAF) of hijacking the revolution that ousted former president Hosni Mubarak in February, and failing to protect the human rights the uprising intended to enshrine…”

Since the Supreme Council of Military Forces (SCAF) has taken over, more than 12,000 civilians have been brought before military tribunals, more than in Muarek’s entire military rule. Activists are being detained and violence is used against protesters, particularly Coptic Christians.

An Amnesty International report stated that after the revolution, “torture continues to be widespread in Egypt’s police stations, prisons and detention centres” and is still being committed “with virtual impunity”. The SCAF is eliminating non-governmental organizations, many of long-standing in Egypt. Discrimination against minorities has increased.

Meanwhile, many say the military is simply trying to prevent the country from collapsing into Islamic rule and that they are the only thing standing between freedom and the Muslim Brotherhood. The Brotherhood has stayed out of these demonstrations for fear they would be branded as undermining freedom and because they do not want the elections stalled. The Brotherhood believe they stand to win big in the elections. Read more here: AJC News

Next time, you want to feel sorry for OWS who are pepper sprayed*  for living in self-made, unsanitary conditions and who commit criminal acts, one might look to the torment that is now the life of the Egyptian people. The OWS have incredible nerve comparing themselves to the Egyptians and what they are going through.

On this Thanksgiving, I plan to give thanks for the good fortune we have in this country and pray the OWS don’t have their way and overthrow our government.

* pepper spray – a chemical that causes temporary irritation