Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood Will Not Allow Israeli Pilgrimage to Holy Man’s Tomb



Tomb of Rabbi Yaakov Abu Hatzira

WaPo reports that Egypt will not allow the Israeli pilgrimage to the Jewish tomb of a holy man, Rabbi Yaakov Abu Hatzira. in the Nile Delta. It’s been a source of conflict for ten years. Islamists and Nationalists believe that the pilgrimage allows for normalization with the country’s enemy.

The situation in Egypt is such that one Islamist politician said that if Israelis do come, it will be a suicide mission.

“Normalization of relations with Israel is forced on the people, and the visits too come against the will of the people and despite popular rejection.” said Gamal Heshmat of the “moderate and peaceful” Muslim Brotherhood.

Activists plan to block the route.

Will other holy sites be blocked as well? Imagine a divided Jerusalem and what would become of these holy sites.