Election 2012- Children Voted to Raise Their Own Allowance


A simple take away from Election 2012 is the children (electorate), given an opportunity to raise their own allowance, did just that.  The choice was between one “parent” offering a sobering, straightforward view of life, and the other providing no strings attached goodies.  Governor Romney championed personal responsibility and self-sufficiency.  President Obama campaigned on government give aways.

A lousy economy characterized by shrinking household incomes, miniscule economic growth, and a dramatically contracting workforce was trumped by two years of uninterrupted unemployment checks, food stamps, free contraception, and ObamaPhones.  In a tipping point election many voters picked the guy and party they figured were most likely to keep them comfy.

Republicans, running as no nonsense adults, suffered a distinct disadvantage.  Who wants to hear Dad yammering about a free ride that can’t last, when Mom keeps junior on the gravy train?  The“old man” sounds “old fashioned”.  What does he know?  He can’t be right about all that doom and gloom cause things are OK.

The GOP will be hard pressed to overcome that mindset so long as folks are content living in some dreary, government “utopia”.  Citizens will only begin to reconsider the serious Republican message when they start to feel uneasy about their circumstances.

They will start to feel uneasy about their circumstances when it appears their benefits are threatened.  Benefits will be threatened when there is not enough taxpayer money being redistributed into the government programs supporting them. Tick tock.

A series of economic events could be looming that will force from the government’s womb, those who voted to give themselves more of someone else’s money.  A time is coming when there will be only enough dollars from the “greedy rich” to supplement the very, very needy.

Consider what entrepreneurs and investors see when they look at Mr. Obama’s Washington.   He, and the majority of his party are, at best, inhospitable to industries they don’t like. In addition to that bias we have:  1) the fast approaching “fiscal cliff”,  2) a constant threat of raising taxes, 3) multiple hidden levies in ObamaCare, 4) rising energy costs,  5) excessive regulations, and 6) an exploding Medicaid Program.

What brave soul would want to speculate with their money in that kind of climate?  Unless you’re on the “crony capitalist” list, the risk will not be anywhere near worth the reward.  Investors will take a pass on new ventures and successfully established companies will be more likely to shrink than expand.

When people stop taking chances on startup businesses, or growing stable ones, the nation’s economic engine will sputter and stall.  The inevitable result is a dramatically reduced flow of tax money.  Eventually, “safety net” programs will feel the pinch and decisions will have to be made.  Are the folks getting subsidies resting relatively comfortably in a government hammock, or are they truly in need of critical assistance?

The first shock will come when the unemployment checks don’t.  An interruption of that, basically no strings attached benefit, will force people to seek work in a worsening economy.  Many will be compelled to take jobs “below their station” just to pay mounting bills.  Pie in the sky promises broken, and a downwardly spiraling personal life style will cause them to take another, hard look at the GOP narrative.  At this low point, feeling betrayed by the “feel good” parent, resilient Americans should be ready for something better than a meager, vanishing, government “allowance”.

Forget all the babble from panicked pundits and party “sages” advising Republicans to get into a bidding war with Democrats on spending, immigration, and social issues.  It’s a sure loser for both the Grand Old Party and the nation.  Hard times have been pretty easy…so far.  We haven’t hit bottom yet.  When we do, the plainspoken, “old fashioned” message on the rewards of hard work and personal responsibility will become bitterly clear.  It better.  We’re running out of time.