Electors Throughout the Nation Receiving Death Threats from the ‘Tolerant’ Left


Who are the intolerant ones?

Members of the Electoral College are getting death threats in Michigan, telling the members if they don’t change their vote, they will kill them.

Michael Banerian is getting hateful, angry messages and death threats in the mail, on Facebook and on Twitter.

Some large left-wing groups put the personal information of the electors on the Internet and encouraged people to contact the electoral college members. Many states don’t allow electors to change their votes.

Mr. Banerian said electors are getting threats throughout the country.


  1. With this in mind, the recount fits well into the master plan as follows:
    Trump got 306 Electors, so he must lose 37 of them to lose his mandate.
    As getting 37 electors to change their vote probably is seen as impossible by even the most fanatic leftist, the first step would be to try to reduce the number of Republican electors via the recounts and then attack those who remain with threats, etc.

    I would definitely be more worried if Trump would end up having a smaller elector majority on Dec 19!

    • That makes the most sense of anything I’ve heard. They are at the same time pressuring electors to change their vote.

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