Eliminating the Second Amendment One Standard at a Time – “International Small Arms Control Standards”


“…the right of the citizen to keep and bear arms must not be infringed if liberty in America is to survive.” ~ Ronald Reagan

Yesterday, two congressmen, Rep. Denny Rehberg and Rep. Ben Quayle introduced HR 5846, The Second Amendment Sovereignty Act to counter the threat of the Small Arms Treaty which is being pushed by the Obama administration and which is aimed at regulating small arms worldwide.

The treaty, if ratified by 2/3 rds of the Senate, would require the United States to conform to international standards. It is probably not going to pass prior to the election although some wonder if this administration would try to push it through in a lame duck session.

The left mocks anyone who is concerned that the treaty will limit the second amendment, claiming that the Constitution will prevent that. The reality is that this treaty would have the force of a constitutional amendment and would mandate conformity to international law by chipping away at the second amendment.

Last month a U.N. committee meeting in N.Y. created a new U.N. agency called the “Implementations Support Unit” to regulate international weapon sales and mandate countries that host firearms manufacturers set up a compensation fund for victims of gun violence worldwide. [Fox News]

Every country that signs the treaty would be required to submit a report to this unit listing all activities that conform to their objectives. It also requires signers to set up their own agencies to track guns for export. The wording is very vague and broad. It would likely lead to the registration of all American-made guns.

There is no question the U.N. is opposed to small arms, period. Kofi Anan claims he is not trying to take small arms from nations who permit them but rather, his goal is to eliminate the illegal gun trade. That is a sham because the United States is not the cause of this trade – it is the communist nations that are dealing. The U.N. has waged a decades-long war against our second amendment.

A more immediate threat than the treaty is looming. The U.N. is pushing for International Standards of Small Arms which would operate irrespective of the treaty. It is supported by the anti-gun crowd in the United States – the Brady bunch for one.

The International Small Arms Control Standards (ISACS) agenda is the brainchild of the United Nations Coordinating Action on Small Arms (CASA).

Their goal, according to their site is –

“To develop internationally accepted and validated standards that provide  clear and comprehensive guidance to practitioners and policy-makers on small arms and light weapons control”

ISACS  wants  nations to control –

  • the manufacture of small arms
  • control the access of citizens to small arms
  • manage the storage and destruction of weapons and ammunition
  • place controls on gun owners and how they use the guns
  • participate in international tribunals for criminal offenses and investigations (they get to decide what qualifies as criminal offenses)

How would the second amendment survive this in tact? When the left claims this and the treaty are not a threat, just think about the lengths they went to to get Obamacare passed when Scott Brown was elected. The treaty and ISACS are end-runs around the second amendment.

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