Elizabeth Warren Steps In It, Calls Half the Nation Racist


Hopefully, Senator Warren will never become President Warren; aside from all her insipid policy ideas, she thinks half the nation is racist. While being interviewed by Rachel Maddow on MSNBC, she was asked about Donald Trump’s electoral success. Warren responded that the people who voted for him are angry and racist.

After misrepresenting Trump’s message as one of hate and racism, she said people were angry and voted for him because they are bought into his racism, blaming people who are different.

Hillary says Trump voters are deplorable and Warren says they are racist.

It’s very important to the left to pit people one against the other and to create victims. The left thrives on identity politics.

Listening to Barack Obama’s bigoted attacks on whites and white Christians has done nothing but foment hate for eight years and she promises to do the same if given the opportunity.


  1. Can you give me some examples of Barack Obama’s bigoted attacks on whites and white Christians that you are talking about? I’m not aware of any.

  2. I’m a proud deplorable, and glad I voted to make America great again, and Warren is a loony toons moron and it’s those calling us all racists for not agreeing with their politics that not only are the racist (remember the DNC’s taco bowl comment about a gathering of Hispanics at a DNC events during Hillary’s campaign ?), these liberal democrats like Warren promote racism, and stoke the fires of racism for their own political gain, and that is a fact.

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