Elvis the Crocodile Steals Lawn Mower


Elvis, the larcenous crocodile, stole a lawn mower at the Australian Reptile Park in Sydney, Australia today. A worker, Billy Collett, had to ward off the 16 foot, 1100 pound crocodile after Elvis lunged out of the lagoon at Collett. The croc, however, was more interested in the mower.

“Before we knew it, the croc had the mower above his head,” Faulkner said. “He got his jaws around the top of the mower and picked it up and took it underwater with him.”

Elvis kept the mower nearby all day until he was lured away with some kangaroo meat.

Elvis is a bit of a loner, having eaten two crocodile girlfriends. Some crocodiles are just better off living alone. No word on whether he’ll be charged for larceny or he’ll beat the rap.

Here’s the action –