Eman Al-Obeidy Kidnapped & Raped By Libyan Officials


Latest Update (June 8): Eman Al-Obeidy is on her way to Malta with her father. She has repeatedly said she wants to come to the United States. Hillary Clinton has taken an interest in the case. It is rumored that Eman will come to the United States.Eman is on her way to the USA

Update: Eman Al-Obeidy, the Libyan woman ran into a Libyan hotel last month and told journalists she was tied up and gang raped by Libyan forces. She was interrogated for 72 hours and only released, she said, after a doctor verified her claims. She was given refuge in Qatar only to be deported. The UN prepared papers for her but the Qatar officials said her VISA was expired and sent her back to LIbya. The good thing for now is she was deported to the Libyan-held area for now.