“Embarrassed to Be an American” Bruce Springsteen Sings Trump is a “Con Man” in a New Song


Bruce Springsteen recently told his Australian fans he is “embarrassed to be an American” because Donald Trump is president.

Springsteen and his longtime musician pal Joe Grushecky have released a new song written by Grushecky, “That’s What Makes Us Great.” It’s anti-Trump and in it he sings Trump is a “con man”. The song goes:

“Don’t you brag to me

That you never read a book

I never put my faith

In a con man and his crooks”

“I had this song, and Bruce and I had been talking. I sent it to him and he liked it. I said, ‘What do you think about singing on it?’ He gave it the Bruce treatment.”

Grushecky said it was when Trump made fun of the special needs reporter (which he didn’t do, but that’s one of the left’s “alternative facts”) that Trump lost his respect.

Trump didn’t make fun of him as a handicapped person because he didn’t know he was handicapped but let’s not let facts get in the way.

“How could a person like that be president of the United States?” Grushecky continued. “Regardless of all the other [stuff], that to me is appalling. I have special needs people in my family and in my neighborhood. I worked with special needs people my whole life and I was really offended by it.”

The song was debuted with a 4-year old who went up on the stage in the UK. Classy.

I deleted all my Springsteen albums from my iPod.


  1. Was a fan since the mid 70’s , right up until he back the muslim loving president ,after he said in a NY concert that he backed Obama “because we need to pay our mortgages” I tossed all my ahole springsteen music out, now he even sinks even lower saying he is embarrassed to be an American, take your billion you hypocrite and stay the hell out of America.

  2. This is a man that charges AT A MINIMUM $200 PER PERSON…. and he talks about a con man ??? I MIGHT pay $50 to see him but thats it… he just isnt worth it to me

    • Plus he has no singing nor playing talent. He has already made his fortune or he would not be such an anti-American loudmouth.

  3. What a disgrace! No longer a fan. He should be a shamed of himself for not encouraging unity and peace!!!

  4. He should move to Cuba. I always thought he was over-rated, anyhow. He loves Obama, enough said !! I was born in the USA and I feel lucky and grateful!

  5. Please leave if you feel that way. We have had to put up with so much embarrassment from many of you.. You all flashed a man dressed as a woman all over national news and primetime. You want children abused and raped in the name of your God forsaken love…Many gay and heterosexual men lure and groom boys…and girls……Talk about embarrassed..and worried for kids. Your way is unGodly and filthy…You should be embarrassed at the pornography and child pornography in this nation. Everyone should be. There is a child molested, raped and threatened and beaten and sold for sex at any given time in this nation…….Once a person dies without believing and repenting to God in Jesus name they cannot be saved from hell or the lake of fire. God did not create hell for humans but never the less denying and loving and obeying Jesus will send yourself there. Jesus came to save. Jesus told the adulteress women I don’t condemn you but go and sin no more. Bruce I am praying for you and many Americans who have the awful viagra and sensual pics (porn) on their ads when I click to read their articles…….Homosexuality and transgender and lowering the age of consent gives people more access to the underage……………………https://theconservativetreehouse.com/…/protect-your…/

  6. I’m embarrassed that he’s an American, too. Never liked what he calls music. What a tool for the left and socialism/communism.

  7. I am embarrassed I was a Springteen fan. This guy is a certifiable idiot. Have you ever heard him speak? He is passable guitarist with a so so voice and once could write music. That talent is long gone. The only thing his is leading is the AARP.

  8. Obama once said on the Tonight show that he bowls like a retard. That is worse than anything that Trump has ever said. But of course he is a leftist so its funny and okay. Plus as a President he was also embarrassed to be an American as was I that he was.

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