Employers Can Provide Bare Bones Healthcare Plans


bare bones healthcare for all

Bare Bones healthcare for all! When I say bare bones, I do mean that. Employers who are trying to survive under the weight of Obama-mandated healthcare coverage, might choose the most minimal plans. These plans might include birth control but NOT HOSPITAL COVERAGE.

Health insurance advisors and brokers are traveling around the country offering plans that provide preventive services and little else. Some plans don’t cover surgery, X-rays or prenatal care. Some offer $100 a day hospital stays which would hardly cover much.

It is not known how many companies will go for this but Tex-Mex is looking into it.

Federal officials say these plans would qualify and it would keep employers from having to pay the $2000-per-worker penalty. These plans would cost employers about $100 a month.

Under Obamacare, large employers need only cover preventive services. This would affect 60 million people.

Expect HHS to write more rules to cover the exception making this possible since they have no qualms about legislating from the HHS agency.

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