Encinitas, California, English Classes Out, Dual Language In for One School


Parents are being forced out of their local school as the school Encinitas district has decided to cut costs and eliminate English-only courses and offer only dual-language, English emergent classes at the at Capri Elementary and Paul Ecke Central Elementary schools. At the present time, parents can opt out of the dual language classes.

The plan would consolidate two smaller dual language immersion programs at Capri Elementary and Paul Ecke Central school. Capri would become all dual immersion where students would learn in Spanish and English. Paul Ecke would be for English learners only.

Parents do not want choice taken away from them and to be forced out of their neighborhood school.

The School Superintendent said change is always painful. My questions is why should the parents and children be put through pain? Why is English only being sacrificed at any school in the United States?

The parents have worked hard to build the diverse community at the schools. All the effort and funds devoted to buidling the programs will be disassembled if the program moves to one school, she said.

The school can’t find one other thing to cut – only English classes? They are forcing bilingual classes on parents who do not want that or the children have to leave their neighborhood school.

Personally,I don’t like these dual language classes for all. Not all students benefit from them, but I certainly don’t like them to be the only offering at the expense of English.

Source: Dual Language Plan Raises Firestorm of Division in Encinitas