Ending Religious Liberty Is the Goal of the Fascist LGBT Agenda


The LGBT bullies are not representative of mainstream gays but they are very powerful. Their agenda, which is becoming clear, is to eliminate religious freedom in order to win full acceptance. There is also a wider goal to damage Republicans in 2016.

Think about it. As long as Orthodox Christians think it’s a sin to live a homosexual lifestyle, the homosexual lifestyle will not be ‘normal’ in the way they want it to be normal.

Last week, op-ed writer Frank Bruni, a repurposed Times restaurant critic and a gay activist, wrote that Christians who hold on to “ossified,” biblically-based beliefs regarding sexual morality have no place at America’s table and are deserving of no particular regard. The article is titled, Bigotry, the Bible and the Lessons of Indiana.

The point of this article is that we can all live in harmony if we all agree with him and if Christians abandon their bigotry and dated views. This isn’t anything new for him but it follows the furor over Memories Pizza and the young proprietor who said – speaking hypothetically – that she wouldn’t hold a gay marriage ceremony in her pizza parlor because it’s against her religious views.

The LGBT leftists believe society must be rid of religious liberty in order for LGBTs and gay marriage to be fully accepted. They cannot countenance anyone who disagrees. They will destroy anyone who disagrees.

As part of the cultural transformation these leftists want, the language must be changed to transform the way we think.

Leftist LGBTs changed the 2,000-year old definition of marriage without a fight and against the majority opinion. The Supreme Court is weighing in and could make it into a civil right.

Barack Obama has chimed in as well. At a prayer breakfast Tuesday, he said he was concerned about the ‘less-than-loving’ Christians – not the terrorists slaughtering Christians and planning the demise of Israel. He was most likely referencing the Religious Freedom Restoration Acts.

He, as one of the totalitarian left, wants us to believe it is un-Christian and ‘less-than-loving’ to not believe in gay marriage and to even say a word against it. He’s conflating terms, not agreeing is unloving.

Religious liberty is the foundation of our society and if we let the extremists take it away, all the other amendments will go down with it.

We can’t have a civil right that takes away the civil rights of the majority or other minorities and call ourselves free.

Rick Santorum sees the Memories Pizza case this way:

The fact is very few people would refuse to bake the cake, make the flowers, take the photos or marry the gay couple but that isn’t satisfactory because the LGBT-left agenda is to eliminate all dissent.

All this will end badly for religious institutions like Christian churches.

LGBT extremism is part of the left’s culture war. The media is being used to change our culture and solidify theirs.

ABC/Disney Studios is launching a new pilot based on the life of LGBT agitator and hate-monger Dan Savage (photo below). Disney is the parent company of ABC.


Savage has called the Republican party ‘faggots’ for endorsing an anti-gay-agenda presidential candidate, Rick Santorum, associating his last name with anal sex. He has labeled kindly Mike Huckabee as a “vile, sad, angry, and deluded demagogue”.  Evangelicals, including Tony Perkins, are “douchebags” according to him. When a gay conservative group (GOP Pride) came out in support of Mitt Romney, Savage tweeted, “The GOP’s house faggots grab their ankles, right on cue.”

In 2012, Savage, who – ironically – is founder of the anti-bullying “It Gets Better” project, delivered a speech about anti-bullying at the National High School Journalism Conference. He used the opportunity to bash and bully Christians. About 100 high school students walked out as he cursed, attacked the Bible, and called those who wouldn’t listen “pansy asses.”

Now he has a pilot for a TV program and can spread his venom over the airwaves. What would happen if the situation was reversed?

Christians have been openly smeared by mainstream media as “bigots”, “bible thumpers” and “homophobes” on a daily basis but few fight back.

Media Research Council (MRC) and Family Research Council (FRC) have joined together to protest the decision to air Savage’s sitcom pilot. There is a petition you can sign if you agree.

If religious people don’t fight this, they will lose their freedom. It’s as simple as that.

Political analyst Amy Walter says gay marriage wouldn’t be an issue if we just got rid of everyone over 50.

The hate from the LGBT left is dismissed but religious beliefs in accordance with the Bible are demonized.

The federal government should not be telling us all what to believe, what to do, and how to do it.

Tammy Bruce is an independent gay woman and activist. She came out strongly against the extreme Memories Pizza assault.

She said there are gays who disagree with the Fascists in the LGBT movement but there is fear in speaking out because of the bullies.

Gays should, of all people, understand the importance of allowing people to disagree, she said.

In her view, she fails to see how shutting down Christian businesses helps civil rights.

Tammy said it’s almost as if we have packs of wolves now who are saying that you will conform to their narrative or we will hurt you.

The pack of wolves want to destroy religious liberty for their own ends.