EPA Orders Minimum Gas Purchases, What a Hell of a Nerve


The government is now going to tell you how much gas you have to buy, so says the EPA. If you own a motorcycle, you will have a problem if your tank can’t accommodate the 4 gallon minimum.

What if you want to fill up a can for your lawn mower?

Welcome to Obamanism. The world is burning and we have to put up with this.

via Daily Caller

With prices at the pump worrying Americans, Republicans have railed against the Environmental Protection Agency’s new gas mandate that requires consumers to buy at least four gallons when purchasing from stations with hoses containing 10 percent and 15 percent ethanol-blended fuel.

On Monday, Republicans on the House Committee on Science, Space, and Technology sent a letter to Environmental Protection Agency Chief Administrator Lisa Jackson criticizing the agency’s approval of the sale of gasoline containing 15 volume percent ethanol.

Specifically, the EPA will require that consumers purchase a minimum of four gallons when buying from a gas station that sells gasoline containing 10 percent ethanol and 15 percent ethanol — also known as “E15″ — out of the same gas pump.

Gas stations may also have a dedicated hose for selling E15.

“The EPA has no business telling Americans how much fuel they must purchase,” the letter from Republican committee members Jim Sensenbrenner of Wisconsin and Chip Cravaack of Minnesota.