EPA Warehouse Tainted with Rat Poop



Photo of EPA rat

An EPA warehouse in Landover, MD is tainted with rodent feces. The filthy storage warehouse was rented for $750,000 according to an Inspector General’s report.

Moreover, the workers protecting the warehouse were using the government exercise equipment out of the range of security cameras instead of protecting the place. They had “hidden TV rooms” to hang out in and seemed unaware of the rotting interior which is covered in mold.

The IG found numerous security and safety issues:

“Personally identifiable information and agency sensitive files—such as passports and legal files—were located in unsecured open boxes throughout the warehouse,” the report states. “There was a locked office inside the facility for which we could not determine a purpose.” [yahoo.com]

Under every rock…

Ironically, the EPA has banned most rodent poisons and are moving to ban more. They might consider holding off on the banning until they use the poisons in their own facilities.

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