Epic Fight Between Campaigns Over ‘Providing a Platform for White Supremacists’

Jen Palmieri on the left and Kellyanne Conway
Jen Palmieri on the left and Kellyanne Conway

Last night Jen Palmieri, Hillary’s communications director, and her campaign director, Robby Mook attacked Kellyanne Conway at The Kennedy Center of Harvard University. The meeting between campaigns takes place routinely after elections and it’s an autopsy of what went wrong for the losing side and what went well for the winning side. Jen Palmieri went off on Kellyanne Conway, accusing her of “providing a platform for white supremacists.”

The Clinton campaign sincerely believes that is why they lost.


We have a second clip with more of Kellyanne’s response.

Kellyanne said, “Do you think you could have had a decent message for the white working class voters. You think this woman who has nothing in common with anybody, we flipped over 200 counties that President Obama won and Donald Trump just won, you think that’s because of what you just said or because people aren’t ready for a woman president? How about it’s Hillary Clinton? She doesn’t connect with people. They have nothing in common with her. How about you had no economic message. I can tell your angry but #he’s your president. Will he accept the election results. Will you? Will you ever accept the election results? Will you tell your protesters he’s their president too?”

The Clinton team is so obtuse that they have to create a narrative that the other side won with white supremacists or Russians. They will get more desperate as Donald Trump fulfills his promises. Alisyn Camerotta of New Day on CNN claimed the Trump team wasn’t gracious but that’s not what happened.  That’s their Pravda-like spiel. If they keep going down this road, Democrats won’t win.

Tucker Carlson responded this morning on Fox & Friends, The Hillary camp sees this as a fight between good and evil, he said, and they see themselves as on the side of the virtuous. This isn’t a good sign for the Democrats because it means they haven’t learned anything. They are framing politics as a moral debate which he notes is a dangerous attitude. The Clinton people believe the country is full of racist, evil people and that is why Donald Trump was elected.

Tucker said the Democrats don’t believe Trump could have won unless Russians hacked the machines or the Republicans ran a racist campaign.

Are you convinced that they believe this or are they lying and setting up the next plan of attack. The White House wouldn’t deny Friday that the Trump campaign gave a platform for white supremacists.


  1. Sadly, they haven’t learned, and it is what they believe, and if neither of these change it is what their attack will continue to be. SMH

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