EPIC #NEVERTRUMP FAIL: Drudge, Breitbart See Massive Traffic Surges as NRO, Weekly Standard Melt Down


by Doug Ross at Director Blue

Whatever you may think of Donald Trump as a candidate, it’s clear there’s a significant chunk of the American population with whom his message resonates.

For ostensibly conservative- and/or Republican-leaning sites like National Review and Weekly Standard to utterly reject Mr. Trump is curious, to be sure. For the pro-life constituency, embracing the #NeverTrump position is to, in effect, support partial-birth abortions. That is because rejecting Trump is tacit support for the ultra-progressive Obama/Clinton doctrine that states a baby one second from being born can be ripped to pieces in the womb.

Aside from being completely illogical, championing #NeverTrump also appears to be a very, very bad business decision.

According to the Alexa traffic analysis service, the leading #NeverTrump websites are hemoragging visitors and, by extension, ad revenue. For digital properties focusing on politics, this meltdown is especially damaging because the last few months should have been advertising bonanzas.

Instead, the last few months have been catastrophes.

Meanwhile, pro-GOP/pro-Trump sites like Drudge ReportBreitbart, and The Conservative Treehosue are seeing — in some cases — astonishing traffic spikes.

(Click to kerplode)

It’s clear that the #NeverTrump position isn’t just illogical, it’s also bad business.


Hat tip: BadBlue Real-Time News.



  1. Also FNC is slipping. Lots of family and friends tell me they stopped watching or reduced watching. Conservatives are being shoved away from their TVs.

  2. I do not watch Fox News Channel except for O’reilly. I watch FBC for Varney, Bartiromo, Lou Dobbs and Neil Cavuto plus Charles Payne, Regan, and others. They are all very pro-conservative. I like the business coverage, but there is a lot of political coverage. It works for me……

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