Eric Cantor’s Remarkable Speech At AIPAC

Eric Cantor at AIPAC

Eric Cantor gave the speech President Obama should have given. Eric Cantor’s inspiring and remarkable speech to AIPAC was giving to thunderous applause and, at times, standing ovations. He spoke from the heart, without canned platitudes & repetitive assurances not backed by deeds. He spoke from conviction and simple truths.

A summary of his most compelling remarks:

“To the emerging governments of the Middle East, the U.S. government must clearly state, It is not okay to vilify Israel, it is not okay to demonize Jews, and it’s time to stop scapegoating Israel…

If Israel goes, we all go, and this, this, is the root of the conflict between Israel and the Palestinians…It is not, it is not, about the ’67 lines…

..until Israel’s enemies come to terms with this reality a true peace will be impossible and (Hebrew translation here) the reality is the people of Israel live…and what they want, is to live in peace…

If the Palestinians want to live in peace in a state of their own, they must demonstrate they are worthy of a state…so to Mr. Abbas I say…Stop the incitement in your media and your schools…Stop naming public squares and athletic teams after suicide bombers…and come to the negotiating table when you have prepared your people to forego hatred and renounce terrorism and then Israel will embrace you…..until that day, there can be no peace with Hamas…peace at any price isn’t peace, it’s surrender.


In an interesting side note, the Chinese agree with everything President Obama said in his speech. They don’t want him to satisfy his “right wingers,” who are apparently people who don’t want Israel diminished. Read here:The Chinese Take Is Obama’s Take So I Must Be Getting Something Right