Eric Holder Could Get The Jeremiah Wright Treatment



Photo of Eric Holder

Things are becoming very dicey for Eric Holder.  The Attorney General’s visits to Congress, beginning with his “amended” testimony on the Fast & Furious gun running debacle,  have been a public relations nightmare for this administration, and more importantly, President Obama.  And recently, the situation has gone from bad to worse.

The last high profile Friend of Barack who was directly tied to a number of indefensible assertions was Jeremiah Wright.  While Wright’s racially charged, anti-Semitic, anti-American  rants are certainly different in both text and tone compared to Holder’s lawyerly misstatements, the negative effect on Barack Obama could well be the same.  Which means Eric might soon be sharing Jeremiah’s fate.

A brief chronology of the Obama/Wright breakup might serve as a peak into AG Holder’s future.  After 20 years of an extremely close relationship the president and his pastor began to drift apart in early 2007.   In February Obama announced his presidential candidacy, but  suddenly dropped his request to have the reverend deliver an invocation at the event.  A month later Dr. Wright interviewed with Sean Hannity, and subsequently the conservative talker began airing a steady stream of the churchman’s controversial “sermons”…..that were mostly ignored by “mainstream media outlets” until the following year.

In 2008 the kinship between the pol and the pastor became more strained.  Under questioning from ABC’s Charlie Gibson, Senator Obama did then what he’s become so good at now.  He spoke out of both sides of his mouth.  First came a mild contextual defense of Wright’s offensive comments, followed by  a narrowly targeted rebuke, “In sum, I reject outright the statements by Rev. Wright that are at issue.”  That, “at issue” is painting with a teeny, weeny, tiny brush.

Following the Gibson sit down, and perhaps with an eye towards reconciliation,  Mr. Obama    made a speech on March 18th referencing his pastor and saying, “I can no more disown him than I can disown the black community.  I can no more disown him than my white grandmother….”  Also in that speech Barack likened his friend to, “….an old uncle who sometimes will say things I don’t agree with.”

But Jeremiah Wright wouldn’t stop talking, and not unlike today’s Eric Holder, could barely stop opening his mouth long enough to change feet.  After a number highly charged Wright public appearances in April, Barack Obama needed to blow up that bridge to his past, and he did it with a great big bang.  At a press conference on 4/29 our future president described his former minister with  words such as, “…divisive and destructive….”  He was “outraged” and “…saddened by the spectacle…”, believing Dr. Wright’s comments gave “comfort to those who prey on hate….”.  Those sounds of a hissing fuse were followed by the inevitable blast when, on May 31st,  candidate Obama officially left his church of 20 years.

So now Attorney General Holder has some clear warning signs.  Let’s put them in a format that’s easy to understand.  Here goes. You know your FOB (Friend of Barack) days are numbered when:

He goes from offering full throated support to contextually and narrowly defending you from both sides of his mouth.

He states he could no more disown you than disown the black community, or his white grandmother.

He describes you as an old uncle who sometimes….lies to Congress.

By the time AG Holder reaches the last one he should have his bags packed.  Once again

Barack Obama will be “outraged” and “saddened”  by a scandal about which he knew nothing.  One last note of caution to Mr. Holder.  When you hear the fuse hissing, hustle off that bridge.